bonne nuit, gute nacht, buona notte, buonas noches and most importantly………..goodnight!

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The end is here, it is done
well nearly after i finish writing this entry and send of my lovely little email.

hasn’t the last week been what i can call frantic.
It started off this tuesday, arriving at school for another casual day at the office. once again finding out that something was due the next morning that i hadn’t even started. Luckaly it was only a business card for a logo that had already been created, and i guess all you crazy little designers know how quickly you can pump those out!

So that was a fun little exercise. then it was time to finalise the end of this grand, semester long media project. I tell ya didn’t those typing skills come out! i don’t think i’ve written that much in one day since high school! so intense, so much review writing.
But in the end as always it was done. Then there was the problem of getting to sleep at 3 in the morning after what can only be described as unnatural amounts of caffiene intake.

But we made it through, learnt a far few things along the way, but i guess most importantly we got those rusty old hunks of junks that are locating in our skulls working!

It definetly was good times, and great classic hits.

So i guess this is my last blog entry, and although its been fun, and i have ridded my self of a fear of blogging, i have a feeling i might take a bit of a break from it for a while. Kind of like when a band goes on an indefinant hiatus. Technically its not over but everyone knows in their hearts that it will never be again.

So to Adam, Miek and Tania cheers and good luck with future students and there new found blogging ineptness!

see ya on the flipside

Educación del diseño de Dorst (reading #3!)

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The subject of design and teaching have always been viewed as very different things to me. I don’t view design as something that is taught, more than nurtured. Being able to design is not something that is a gift or a talent, it is just something that is inherent in every single one of us. Some people choose to explore it a little more than others, and in a society where you ‘have to have a career’ these people often choose to study it. I’ve never been someone who’s of the view that design or design methods or whatever else you want to call it can be force fed, as one is forced to learn maths in year 10 to pass. Its different, and its nice to view a reading as such which gives a bit of an alternate view to how to do things.

I know it’s a stupid comparison, but I think it would be better to compare design to playing sports, than an academic form of tuition. If someone is to play football they can have all the natural talent in the world, but if they don’t have the right tuition and guidance it can often be wasted. The same can be said about design. This is pretty well summed up on page 82 titled ‘the tutoring dilemma’. ‘You do not help them learn by solving their problems for them, although that may make both the student and tutor feel good.’. This is one point that really stood out to me. Although I’m still quite young in age and learning, 19 and only in my second year of studies, I’ve had my far share of teachers. And I know that the ones that really do help you aren’t the ones who give you a straight forward solution to your problem. They’re the ones that give you the guidance and help in setting you on the right path to solving the problem yourself. A lot of very interesting points are made in this brief reading, it’s almost like ‘wow an actual teacher who’s thought about teaching’. Not paying out any teachers as they are all spectacular people.

But realistically this reading really does go over a lot of very valuable things, to both teachers and students. I loved the example of the process in which Stanford University undertook a project three times. I strongly agree with the notion that yes hindsight would be a fantastic asset to designing, if only it didn’t happen at the end of a project! But honestly I would love to undertake in doing a project three times over. I know it might sound and be very boring and repetitive at times, but I would still love to see the outcomes. I think I a lot could be learnt from reflecting on ones work and then simply doing the task all over again with that knowledge. Imagine what you could achieve!

I would really consider this reading worth having a gander at, as it did make me think about a thing or too, and almost have a little more faith in what I’m being taught. The general consensus seems to be that it’ll all pay off in the end. Can’t wait till this illusive 3rd yr!

Revisión de Amputechture (por el Marte Volta) (review #1)

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There comes a time in every Mars Volta fans life where expectation completely goes out the window and one realises the simple truth; that they’ve gotta simply let this crazy train go and enjoy the ride as long as they want to. For a band which was only conceived in late 2002, the changes have been somewhat considerable. Changes in format, line-up, direction, structure, sound, visuals, and thought process; the list really is quite endless. But one thing is true, it’s almost impossible to predict what’s coming next, and i’m pretty certain that most people have stopped even trying. Amputechture, there last studio album is quite a testament to that.

For a band who from there very first studio effort was cast into a genre of there own, it must be hard to constantly challenge the norm and keep on progressing. But as soon as the first note of Vicarious Atonement comes out of those speakers it’s pretty clear that this adventure is going to be totally different than the last. The track moans a screeches in ways you would never expect from the Volta, almost a testamont to there early progressive influences. That track continues and slowly sets the mood, then as soon as the listeners comfortable the real tidal wave comes through, almost teasing you for thinking that that was it. In comes Tetragrammaton, the roaring 17 minute epic. It’s relentless its brutal, its like three of the best songs you’ve ever heard rolled into one, how does one comprehend what there listening to? It sounds nothing like Frances the Mute, their previous studio output, yet still it’s still the same band.

By the time the third track, Vermicide, comes on its time to simply let go of your surroundings and expectations and listen. The four minute piece, and admittedly most radio friendly track, really does show that these guys can write anything you like, there not just that ‘long jam’ band. Meccaamputechture than follows, a dark and almost frightening number, and as soon as you think its not going to end it does exactly that. And goes into the polar opposite in Asilos Magdalena, a powerful yet scary acoustic, Spanish ballad. This track is also an incredibly well placed lead in to the albums stand out, that is if one track had to stand out, it would be Vicera Eyes. Now if ever a heavy wall of sound could be created this would be it. Driven by powerful bass lines and [unishing horns, this track does a hell of a lot more than deliver. Day of Baphomites then follows song dropping the mood way back down into dark obscurity. The album is then closed by the almost full circle sounding El Ciervo Vulnerado.

Words could never truly describe the sound that is this album, but one thing is quite certain. There’ll never be anything else like it. Not from The Mars Volta or any other band. And for this entire monster to come from the mind of only two people, what can one say. Except thank you Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez and Cedric Bixler-Zavala for breaking up another piece of music history in At the Drive-In, to create the beast that is before us all today.

Horquilla para acunar la revisión de la lectura (reading #2!)

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What I could only describe as a mind consuming read. This reading that was graciously posted from that awesome plastic book known as Cradle to Cradle is really quite interesting. Even though some of the selected pages end quite abruptly. The way in which the book is written is very consuming and really sucks the reader in, it’s a style of writing that I find very captivating. The way in which certain topics are discussed is really almost humours, it kind of makes you feel like what the hell are we doing with all this recycling nonsense when we don’t even understand the systems were fuelling! If the very method of recycling is causing more damage then what’s the point in the end. I mean I’m sure there has to be a better system than throwing everything away, but the feeling I get after reading this text is that we really should be researching into the best system of environmentally friendly recycling before we jump into the water with both feet.

This book, and inturn this reading really makes you think. It makes you wonder and realistically I think it reaches it’s goal in making the reader stick a large question mark on a lot of aspects of our society which are for the better part taken for granted. One of my favourite examples was the one about the water bottle and the polyester shirt. The whole “Products Plus” theory is really quite scary. To think that when buying a simple product, like a water bottle or polyester shirt, you are most likely getting a whole world of chemicals, which are dangerously harmful to humans, and most importantly that you didn’t know about. I didn’t know that a basic water bottle that I drink from contains antimony, “a toxic heavy metal known to cause cancer under certain circumstances”. I’m not really sure what’s more scary the fact that a product with which I drink from is dangerous to my health, or the fact that there was nothing on that product that would warn me of the dangers that the materials that made the product could cause me!

Another great example from this reading which really got me thinking was the alternate factory that was built. I like the idea that the workers comfort and environment was actually considered in the design. Something which I think is almost non-existent in most modern day architectural design. Honestly I’ve worked in a couple of factories before, both not very pleasant experiences, but if I was offered a job in a factory which had skylights at every work station, and windows everywhere you looked, I’d probably take the job. If someone is comfortable in the environment they are working in, why would they leave.

This brief reading from what I would consider an interesting book is really worth looking into. It’s a nice little glimpse, which really tempts you to take the full plunge. Maybe we should stop living these almost robotic lives and really have a think about the environment in which we live in. By that I don’t mean start separating your bottles from your trash, not that that’s a bad thing, but actually think about what’s going on. And a good place to get that thinking started is with this book Cradle to Cradle.

revisión 300 (second review!)

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As with most large scale war movies there expectation often exceeds their actual performance. This has particularly been proved in the last few years with such films, as Troy and Alexander. All with there ridiculous budgets, over the top sets and A grade stars. But as proved with their performance, there return didn’t warrant the bother, or money, it took to create them. Then only a few months ago the second Frank Miller adaptation was released, that adaptation was 300.

For a movie which takes one of the most ridiculous and debatable battles in history and turns it into a computer generated blood bath, 300 isn’t that bad. I’m no historian, but what I do know is that the film, or should I say graphic novel cause really that’s what the film is, is based on what is considered one of the most decisive battles of the Greco-Persian war. 300 Spartans stood their ground against the full slaughter of the Persian army, or should I say armies as their numbers were supposed to equal close to a million. As ridiculous as it sounds no one can honestly say that the idea of that doesn’t stir some kind of emotion in them. Just the thought of making the ultimate stance, with certain death at hand, all in the name of pride is enough to create any great story if you ask me.

That’s the task that Zack Snyder had at hand. Pretty heavy especially trying to adapt it from one of the most respected graphic novelists of our time. But somehow he pulled it off. The movie was completely shot in front of green screens, something that had been pioneered before but never applied to the large-scale war scene format. This not only gave 300 it’s own distinct look but also cut the budget down dramatically.

Though Synder obviously added in his own little obsessive quirks, like an incredible infatuation with the slow-mo button (no really if you’d thought you’d seen the slow’mo feature overused this movie takes it to intense levels), he really did do the novel a lot of justice. Even the way the scenes where done and the script contrived, it really makes the viewer fell like there watching a book. Something which almost made the movies ridiculously grotesque scenes okay. It was over the top, it was gory, and at times it dragged on, but they are all characteristics of Millers version of the story, and to that I give Snyder a great deal of respect.

At times hard to take seriously, but then again that’s not really the point. It’s a story about a story, about a story…. If that makes sense. But for what its worth its 90 minutes of screen time is genuinely interesting more than enjoyable. 300 is not one of those films you’d rush to show someone, but if you wanted to gross your girlfriend out and let her perve on some half naked Spartan soldiers its definitely the movie you’d go for.

cerré la revisión de la película de la puerta (first reading!)

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When it comes to promotions for television they often follow a very linear approach. That is: make it funny, serious or sad, and make sure that people know when it’s going to be on. Not saying that this short piece of film doesn’t follow this method, but what it does do is add a little bit of suspense and mystery to itself, even though being in a TV add slot gives it the constriction of only being just over a minute in length.

The advertisement opens with a series of images. These are all very strong and potent, and could easily be appreciated as still photographs. It’s not only the images themselves but the camera techniques that are quite interesting. They really do convey a sombre mood and a kind of darkness without even considering the sound element of the piece. What’s really interesting is the way that as soon as the first image comes up a deep voice accompanies it with “I booked the meeting room…” and lest there in front of our eyes are images which accompany this line. This theme runs throughout the rest of ad, “I drew the blueprints”, “I printed the schedule”, “I supplied the timber”, “I dug the foundations” and so forth. All these accompanied by very appropriate and well-shot scenes, until finally “I closed the door….” Is the final sentence that is spoken before the narrators voice comes over.

What is then spoken is what always follows any advertisement for a program on television, a short description of the program, then followed by the time slot in which it will be shown. Though as soon as the voice over starts telling us the amount of people that died, and that it was in Germany, it was almost a little bit disappointing. Maybe it’s just me but as soon as the advertisement got about 15 seconds in I thought “Not another Holocaust documentary” yet the ad did so well to not give it away till the end, it really had me second guessing my initial thought throughout. I know it sounds harsh but I think I’ve seen my fair share of holocaust documentaries, and it gets to a point where it becomes a little repetitive. The disappointment from my point of view is that until that narrators voice comes over the ad did so well to keep you guessing what it was really about.

Still from a visual perspective I think this short piece is nothing less than stunning. The imagery is beautiful and the way in which it slides in and out of images is very well done. Many of those images could be used for a large variety of medians other than film. The voice overs are also very well spoken and fit the part like a glove. They are clearly articulated, and are spoken in a very monotone manner, which conveys no emotion or bias in what they are saying. Something which adds greatly to the intended suspense that is purposefully done. Overall a good piece of work, but not great.

la estocada dolorosa pasada!

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So it seems that the end is nigh!
Everything is due, and all at the same time as always I might add.
Crazy times.

No whinging though, just intense amounts of worrying.
So it seems that this report has got to be finished by Friday. Wow don’t really know what to say to that except lets buy lots of nodoze and redbull and make a party out of it!

All in all I think that our group has done pretty well so far. I mean it took s a while to take off and all but once we got going it actually became quite interesting. Its been crazy trying to juggle everything, especially as I’m trying to manage a band, play shows and finalise an EP cover! Too much too soon if you ask me. The exhibition should be interesting and is something to look forward to, although unfortunately I couldn’t stay for the whole “group discussion session” on the theme of the exhibition, so I didn’t get the chance to ask the most quintessential question and the one that I know was on everybody’s mind. Will there be alcohol!

Nah on a serious note it should be a fun time, though a few casual brews would make it even more fun!

Bit of a tangent but if anyones inrested my band orsan eskabar is playing in the gershewn room at the espy this Saturday night. Were on at 8:30 followed by some cool cats, and then The Nation Blue, who if anyone has seen before are the most rock n roll thing in Melbourne! So come on down, if u can be bothered.

Well I guess I better start knuckling down on some of these reading reviews or I’m gonna find myself in a world of writing on Thursday night.

its been good.